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Chris shows why it's important to know the layout of the MIT campus: He gets a van ride back from the Arisia conference to MIT and:

I walked through campus, taking advantage of tunnels and such as available, then slogged the last couple blocks home from the nearest tunnel-connected MIT building. Got inside, unwound a bit, and went to bed.

Trevor and friends don't let a little snow stop their bike ride.

Chris frets about what's under that snow drift:

... Yes, those are baby kittens buried under all that snow. You can barely make out their cute little whiskers. Oh, Mother Nature! Why must you wreck havoc on the defenseless little kitties!?!? ...

Frecklegirl: We were laughing at all the cars covered by the snow until, of course, we found our own.

David: No, I don't find the snow charming.

Bri goes out after the storm to take an eerie photo by moonlight.

Shelly reports she had to get her snowblower-owning neighbor to help dig out the car he'd buried even deeper in snow - then had to fend off the jealous girlfriend of the guy who helped her finish the job.

Paul tries to disabuse single co-workers of the notion that snow days are fun for parents:

Snow day suck for parents. ... Our fragile schedules break under the weight of snow days. It's bad enough that our children get sick, but at least the pity factor kicks in and the illness immobilizes the child so we get some work done while the kid naps on the couch. We allow them to watch TV all day since, after all, they're ill.

Snow days, though, demand active parenting which juggling frantic cell phone calls from clients and/or co-workers who make no effort to disguise the fact that your selfish breeding once again triggered some project, long dormant, to shoot to the top of the priority list. ...

Was Paul talking to CC?

... So we are stuck at home again today. I've got cabin fever big time and was hoping to get outside and shovel a bunch today but that's not going to happen with the kids. If I'm inside they can chill in front of the TV for hours if I let them. But, the second I go outside they suddenly have every "emergency" under the sun so I never get shit done. ...

Scott proves that neither snow nor sleet nor more snow will stop his Globe delivery person.

Housebound Wicked Good Conferencers debate: Is it "snowthrower" or "snowblower?"


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