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Pow! Dare we suggest it will finally make people shut up about the Blizzard of '78? Oh, and all hail our newspaper guy - we actually had a paper this morning.

More photos from our Roslindale block

RIP David Nyhan, who apparently died this morning while shoveling snow.

John takes dramatic photos of ocean flooding in Marshfield's Brant Rock:

... It was nasty. I couldn't even get near the seawall due to the flooding and the stinging, wind driven ocean spray. And, I had to get out of the area altogether before I got trapped by the water that was rising in the streets. ...

Carpundit photographs a snowmobile racing down Beacon Street in the Back Bay.

Michael reports on his trek from Park Square to home in Brookline on the T:

... Nomi and I looked out on a beautiful snowy wonderland as the C train ascended from Kenmore Square onto Beacon Street. We saw that some sidewalks had been cleared, but the huge piles of snow between the plowed streets and the sidewalks made it difficult to see just how many sidewalks were clear. ...

Cynthia turns into Shovelwoman:

Yes I live with three healthy men and *I* and I alone did all the shoveling this morning. My walk and the neighbor's. Thought I'd help those Irish blokes find a way out. (Yes, four healthy Irish men next door too and they haven't shoveled either.) ...

Jo also shovels alone (after taking some photos from inside her house):

Husband, please come home, you are so NEVER allowed to leave the country without me again.

Amy builds a snowfort and gets a snowburn.

Tim fires up the snowblower:

... Right after breakfast, during a lull in the storm, I got the snowblower out and cleared the driveway, and it was a good thing—more than a few drifts had crested above the top of the snowblower mouth, and I had to really get creative to clear out the driveway entrance. (And, of course, when I had just put the snowblower away, the plow came back and I had to go and shovel again.) ...

It's too late for Mimi, though - the drifts are now higher than her snowblower.

Jeff is thankful his porch's sliding glass doors held.

Smeg digs a path for his pugs. Just long enough for them to take care of business.

Comm Ave. provides further proof that Channel 7 sucks - a reporter flags down a car to ask the driver why he's driving around and then, after the guy said he was trying to find Beth Israel where his son had just been airlifted:

THE REPORTER TOLD HIM TO WAIT UNTIL HE FINISHED HIS BROADCAST and would then give him directions. The panicked father obviously just drove off. He couldn't send it back to the studio right away and give the poor guy directions?

So how much snow did we get? Karl reports:

Now the city is whiter than the crowd at a Celine Dion concert.

See why Susannah's husband exclaimed: Holy crap it's up to his waist!

Ezra takes a bunch of blizzard photos.

B.K. shows the scene in Salem.

Ever wonder what a snow-covered Beetle looks like? Kate shows you.

Hey, it snowed on Jan. 22, 1840, too.

Kathleen discusses futility:

Last night at 10:00pm I heard one of my neighbors out with is snow blower clearing his walk and driveway. I look at his house this morning when the wind dies down and it is no different than any of the other houses that didn't try to make a little headway in their shoveling. ... I did get to watch a Hummer spin out which was fun. They had to get out and remove the car from the snow bank it came to rest it. By the time they finished they were covered in the snow that the wind was whipping around. ...

Starstream knows how to deal:

We now sit here on Sunday morning drinking coffee, and getting ready to make a full brunch for two, mimosas included. That is what you do when it shits-down snow. Stay in until the streets clear, or at least the snow stops - which is has not - and wait. We have food, booze and entertainment - I feel some yatzee with house rules coming on - we play with special 6s. ...

She also takes photos.

Domenico also knows how to deal:

... After shoveling off the back deck, we pulled out the grill and I cooked up a steak. It went well with a spicy Italian broccoli rabe side dish and some nice hot chocolate made from scratch. ...

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