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The view from our front porch in Roslindale around 11 p.m.

Carpundit ambles about the Back Bay and takes snow photos, walks up the Commonwealth Avenue mall, praises Boston for its snowplowing and marvels at how people got their cars off major arteries:

Beacon street is as empty as I've seen it since the April (?) 2003 anti-war march.

Michael is wandering around Cambridge with a camera.

Ol' Mr. Boston snaps the snow by the Mother Church. He has plenty more Boston snow photos - just follow the links on the right.

Ana posts a couple of snow photos.

Peter is also snowblogging, up in Beverly:

Update at 9:30 PM
The temperature outside is 23.5F. There are 3.5 inches of fresh snow on our back door step, and I had shoveled away about 2.0 inches previously today, so that's about 5.5 inches total thus far. ... Our friends chickened out and didn't want to drive all the way to Danvers to see a movie, so instead we all watched Spy Game on DVD here and had dinner at Siam Delight. It's all good.

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alyssa says (on January 26, 2005 08:25 PM):

My husband and I have been shoveling in shifts since we both sore the morning after the blizzard. We're young and hearty - I really didn't think 7000 feet of snow would take us out.

Who knew?

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