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Hummer-driving thug


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So a dolt in a Hummer allegedly reacts to a parking ticket by whipping scalding hot coffee at the meter maid.

Carpundit, who lives in the neighborhood, says:

I know her by sight from the neighborhood, and I've never seen her giving anyone a hard time.

He also suggests appropriate punishment for the guy, if he's an immigrant (he's described as "a native of Lebanon") and he's found guilty:

a two-year state prison sentence, followed by a referral to ICE for deportation processing. We don't need immigrants like him.

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Jody says (on January 21, 2005 02:49 PM):

I had two thoughts on reading this story. One was that I had no idea coffee was considered a deadly weapon (as it was apparently stated in his arrest report). Second, I know it's not all of them, but whenever I think of someone who buys coffee at Starbucks, I picture some land-yacht-driving son-of-a-b who thinks he or she is better than every one else and above the law. So yes, I totally believe this story is true, because this guy is the poster child of everyone I've ever seen go into a Starbucks.

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