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Thank goodness our feisty tabloid managed to get the Metro back on the front page today - along with a photo of an obviously criminal Metro hawker deliberately hiding his face from a photographer. I can't believe they waited three whole days between page-1 Metro stories!

But just out of curiosity, I wonder what other stories might have warranted front-page Herald coverage today? Let's see:

Historic Jamaica Plain church burns to the ground just as members were finally rebuilding after an arson attack in the 1970s. Nah, not as important to readers as the news that the New York Times doesn't care that a part owner of the Metro's parent is a European broadcaster that, gasp, shows naked people on one of its many channels on a continent where, horrors, people walk around on beaches with no clothes on.

BU covers up the news that researchers infected themselves with a potential bioweapon. Oops, sorry, the Globe broke that story.

Salem cops bust two pimp-daddy wannabes using porn to train their teeny-bopper ho's. Yawn. How boring. Now the New York Times shrugging off the news that a Swedish company that owns part of Metro's parent broadcasts porn - zowie!

Former Pats star arraigned on heroin charges. Why would anybody care about a Pats player this week? Not when the New York Times is refusing to do anything about the fact that a part owner of Metro's parent is showing salacious videos in Europe!

Wussy outgoing attorney general refuses to try for death sentence against Dorchester gangbangers. You'd think this would have Herald frontpage outrage written all over it, but, yeah, that would surely pale next to the outrage all of us must feel that the New York Times, oh, well, you know the drill by now ...


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