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If you ever buy a domed house, be prepared to invest some major time and/or money in rebuilding your roof:

... I finally finished the shingling in August of 2004. I did not work on the roof at all from mid-November 2003 to May 2004 though, so I only spent about 8 months on it. Of course, this was almost every dry week night and Saturday for 8 months. I have no guess as to the number of hours I spent. A rough guess is based on the number of triangles I had (80) and the time to do each one. I suspect I spent about an hour removing the old triangle stuff, and hour with the spacers/sheathing and an hour roofing it. So that would be about 240 hours total. However it doesn't count all the time spent with flashing, moving ladders, collecting debris, etc. ...

And once you're done, don't be surprised if some flying squirrels (but no talking moose) use the disruption to move into your second-floor wall.


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