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Sunset over the Dedham Mountains


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We were driving down Centre Street in West Roxbury this afternoon, headed toward Dedham, when I looked up and saw one of those optical illusions that make you think you live in Colorado - low-lying clouds that looked like a mountain range. "Hey, look at that," I said to Greta, "Don't those clouds look like mountains?"

Of course, being six, she hasn't learned yet to meekly accept adult pronouncements (and here's hoping she never does): "How do you know they're NOT mountains?" Um, because I just know there aren't any mountains in Dedham, I told her, but somehow, that just didn't seem like the right answer - there SHOULD be mountains there!


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christine says (on January 18, 2005 02:50 PM):

I experienced the same optical illusion driving on Green Street in Marblehead, towards Rte 114. I thought it looked exactly like a distant mountain range, and said to meself "self, that view would vastly improve this town."

by the time I made it to i-95, the illusion was gone. it was dark. and i was sad.

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Ana says (on January 18, 2005 03:11 PM):

Yeah, darn it. There should be!

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