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Life imitating art


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Last year, Dunkin' Donuts ran these funny commercials in which the drivers of giant snowplows race to plow a single snowflake. Carpundit reports that's basically what happened last night when the City of Boston paid at least some snowplow operators to drive around damaging the streets.

... There wasn't anything to plow on Beacon Street after the first truck came through, but that didn't stop the second one, or the third one, or the tenth one. And these weren't little trucks. They were big, Mass Pike-style plow trucks with huge sand hoppers on the back. ...I know the plows need to be ready when it might snow. And I know they need to get out and plow as soon as the snow starts, or face criticism for failing to get on top of the storm. But couldn't they build a little pragmatism into the system? If it isn't actually snowing, say, the plow drivers can go to Dunkin' Donuts. ...

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