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Universal Hub aggregator probably going down this weekend, if not sooner


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Of late, it's been more of an aggrevator than an aggregator. Some of you may recall how it stopped working around Christmastime. Now the database is getting increasingly cranky, to the point where it's sucking more and more life out of the server it's on (last night, it got so bad the server actually crashed - which seemed to clear out the cobwebs, but this morning the beastie's back to sucking CPU cycles like crazy).

Given that I'm no programmer or database person, it might be time to say good night. So if it's not there, you'll know why. In the meantime, though, I'll be working on installing a new version of the underlying software, which has some interesting community features (more on that in a bit), but which, alas, doesn't let you get a grand eastern-Massachusetts RSS feed (it brings feeds in, but they're only accessible right now via the Web).


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