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Add Metro to the list of things that suck?


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Metro's sexism should concern NYTimes as well is a new blog set up to discuss, well, one guess. Via Dan the media man, who also links to a report that the Globe's Alex Beam knew months ago about the racism charges at the throwaway and wrote, um, nothing:

... I know because he subsequently told me. I also know because I spoke with Beam in the course of my initial investigation. Beam confirmed over the telephone that he had been contacted by the former Metro executive, who had told him of fellow Metro executives telling 'jokes' about the anatomy of African-American men, and repeatedly referred to blacks as 'niggers.' ...

Oh, and let's see: The Herald's already pumped this up on the front page two days in a row. Will they go for the threepeat? Yes! Anybody taking bets on how many more days they'll try to squeeze this lemon on page 1? I bet they're already trying to track down the author of the above blog.

Steve, meanwhile, wonders why A) The Globe references, whose Rory O'Connor broke the whole story, but doesn't actually hyperlink that reference and B) Why the Globe refers to the racist joke without actually saying what the joke was:

... It's the main part of the story and you don't really understand how bad it is until you read O'Connor's story. ...

Jay, a helmet-donning Herald reporter says people who think the Herald is overplaying the story (why, hello there, Jay!) should ask themselves why the Globe is deliberately underplaying it:

Both sides have a 'vested interest' in the outcome. ... Reminds me of the titanic battles in the '60s between the Herald Traveler's Robert Choate and the Globe's William O. Taylor over control of Channel 5. But the roles today are now reversed. Will the outcome be reversed? ...

More Boston Common discussion on the Metro here and here.


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Otter says (on January 13, 2005 06:04 PM):

... It's the main part of the story and you don't really understand how bad it is until you read O'Connor's story. ...

1) Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your links, but I don't see where his story says what the joke was.

2) Albrecht's comment, meanwhile, sounds like someone sufficiently familiar with American pop culture to know that "nigger" is used constantly, but not enough to know that he can't use it himself.

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adamg says (on January 13, 2005 06:37 PM):

Oy! So I write about a guy complaining about the Globe not linking to something and what do I do? Not link to him! Fixed.

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