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Wendy sometimes gets weary on those long bus rides:

... It's about a half-hour ride. Not that bad, considering I don't have to drive. But this morning, the woman behind me kept brushing my head with her newspaper. She would apologize, and then do it again. And then apologize, and do it again. And there were whining babies. And there were a bunch of girls in the back who may or may not have been on a day pass from a certain facility located near the bus stop ...

Ned meanwhile, drops his Saab off for service at Framingham Saab and is shocked when they give him a Kia as a loaner:

... So, if Brand is so important to Saab and its customers, why would they have such crappy loners? I can't imagine taking my Powerbook in for service, and being handed an eMachines pc for temporary use ...

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