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Pink Red Sox hats really suck


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Kristen wishes women would stop wearing pink Sox hats right this second. Take a deep breath before you read her rant, of which the following is, really, just a small excerpt:

... But I do feel that the pink hats are a transparent attempt to appeal to the bleacher bimbos with the overly processed blonde hair who to go games and sit beside their boyfriends and whine that it's cold and that their feet hurt when no one told them to wear fake fur and high heeled boots to a freakin' baseball game in late October, especially one at Fenway Park which is only NINETY years old and is known neither for its comfort nor its warmth and they are taking the seat away from someone who would gladly sever an arm for the privilege of squeezing ourselves into a slot-backed chair made for someone in 1912 who was three feet tall and weighed sixty-eight pounds and not complain about it but would instead enjoy the game and not only not bitch to your boyfriend but also chat him up about the fact that Pokey hasn't been the same since hurting his toe and would even buy him a beer because he would get the next round. And we would wear a BLUE hat with a RED "B" on it while we do so. Because we are not making a fashion statement. We are supporting our team. If you don't want to be here, don't come. Leave your pink hat at home and go get that manicure. We'll keep your boyfriend company over a plate of hot wings at Boston Beer Works after the game. ...

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BrooklineFan says (on January 12, 2005 03:32 PM):

It isn't the other girls with the pink hats that you are angry with. It is the entire socio-economic landscape of Fenway Park, and the overall dynamics of the business of baseball. Ironically, The problem begins with the exact place you would like to keep sacred, the historic institute itself, Fenway Park. The bottom line is the Boston Red Sox Franchise needs to play in a stadium that can accomodate its local loyal fanbase, which would be significantly more then 30,000 people a game.. The Red Sox have long outgrown it.

I know, "but Fenway is special"-and it is, but nothing needs to change with Fenway, it can still remain as a historic landmark, and they can still give those silly tourist "museum" tours they do now. Personally, I don't cheer for an old stadium, even one as timeless and mystical as Fenway, I cheer for the Boston Red Sox baseball team and wish I could only do it in person more often :)

If Jumbotrons and cushy seats means I don't have to pay an obscene amount of $$$ for me and my girl to attend a mid week game, then sign me up.

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unknown says (on January 17, 2005 11:40 AM):

ok all of you bitches can just shut up just because your anti-social. im a HUGE fan of the boston red sox and so is my boyfriend. i don't where the pink hat so i can look good, i do it so that i can support my team. just because we are wearing a pink hat instead of a blue or red hat doesn't change how much we like boston.and im sure the players don't mind that a fan is wearing a pink hat either. im sure their happy knowing we are supporting the team period! so just shut up and don't get mad because your a stupid tomboy and u don't look good in pink!

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Courtney says (on April 18, 2006 06:52 PM):

you see theres only one problem with wat u say....i do agree that theres poser red sox fans the ones that only where the pink red hat because its cute but im different i would kill to go to a red sox game in any weather and would probally be more into it then my boyfriend im a major red sox fan and i love everything about baseball the crowds , cheering , adn the watching of the actual game, i love the sounds that come from everywhere and i especially love the representing part of it which would include my pink red sox hat my ortiz jersey and my red sox pants because like other red sox fans i will always stay a red sox fan and i am proud to ahow it !!!!!!!!!!!

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Trackback: Oh my god. Go read this! It is *exactly* how I feel about the STUPID pink red sox hats. And the yellow ones. And the baby blue ones. And the kelly green ones. And the anything-except-navy-blue-with-a-red-"B"-ones. This girl expresses it... ...

From So Awesome, posted on Pinkandgreengirl, January 11, 2005 03:00 PM

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