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Metro: Vile racists or misunderstood Swedes?


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Update: The Herald DID mention the anti-trust issue in its story, contrary to what I wrote below. I should learn to read better.

Kinda hard to miss the Herald's coverage today of Metro execs slingin' the N-word with merry abandon, it somehow nudging out the Brad/Jennifer split-up for the front page and all.

Shocking, just shocking, and I'm sure it was strictly for space reasons that the article doesn't mention that the Herald has a vested interest in doing everything it can to keep the NY Times from buying a stake in Metro (hmm, have they filed their formal anti-trust complaint with the Justice Department yet?). Maybe they'll mention it in all the upcoming stories they're probably already planning about black ministers organizing boycotts of the paper.

Dan Kennedy's posted the complete response from Metro execs, which seems to boil down to: "We are unfrozen Swedish newspaper executives and your English ways frighten and confuse us."


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Chris Cagle says (on January 11, 2005 01:53 PM):

The Herald headline is just ridiculous, especially the bit about "Look what the Globe is buying into", as if their purchase will make their editorial board a bunch of racists. Besides, I'm sure if the players were different, the Herald would be calling this a PC witchhunt.

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