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Most of us would just as soon our commutes be over as quickly as possible. Not Peter. He's started MassManiac to chronicle his thoughts commuting into and out of Boston:

... I am on the Outbound train. I am hoping that the empty parcel of vinyl between my aisle perch and my neighbor's window seat remains unoccupied at the station. As the train pulls away, it looks like I am off the hook. The difference between spreading my wings and being packed like a sardine in a tin box.

The tragedy of the tsunami hasn't escaped me. I am glad that people are actually willing to give something of themselves for the relief effort. There is no denying the impact of the killer waves. I decided to give 10% of last weeks paycheck to the effort. It's not alot, but not a little either. People will need water and medicine. As the raw feelings of sorrow diminish, I hope that our contributions will help.

On the left of me, a women crochets what appears to be a scarf in the making. She rustles the yarn out of a plastic shopping as she goes along. Her hands move rapidly, as does her jaw, gnawing away at a piece of gum. She realizes that her train pass is still in the slot of the seat in front of her, and she hastily stuffs it into her black canvas shoulder bag. The yarn dances in my peripheral vision as she resumes her work. ...

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