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Why LA architects should not be allowed to design buildings here


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A Chicago bridge designed by Frank Gehry has had to be shut because road salt would damage the Brazilian wood with which it was built. Amrys writes that Gehry's Stata Center at MIT offers similar proof that Gehry
doesn't seem to know or care about the effect of snow on structures in places with actual winters:

... Though there is an extensive series of pipes and gutters to disperse rainwater, little consideration seems to have been made for the collection and slippage of snow on the roof. The main vestibules on Vassar Street are topped by pleated sheets of corrugated metal arranged in such a way as to literally dump snow right in front of the doors. Judging by the volume of snow that had accumulated on the vestibule roof, and the tendency of snow in Boston to get rather icy and dangerous, I decided that I would not want to be entering the building at the moment gravity overcame friction and the snow came sliding down in an avalanche. ...

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