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Battling leukemia


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Dean is blogging his chemo and stem-cell transplant for leukemia at Brigham and Women's:

... The staff is fantastic and responsive at Dana Farber and the facility is a friendly, warm environment most of the time. Unfortunately cancer is a growing business and top brass has to have some concern about the patients quality of life issues. I also will be writing to The Brigham & Women's Head of Patient Relations since I was in an isolation room due to concerns about immunosuppression and catching colds, infections and so forth from others yet every day a few times a day the smell of diesel fumes from delivery trucks circulated my room. Must be good for ones health. Evidently this has been a problem for some time due to the ventilation system being on the side of the building where they get deliveries and these trucks are not allowed to idle during their deliveries but still do. ...

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