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Civilization finally coming to Roslindale


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It's getting a Thai restaurant! Poplar Street, across from Adams Park in the square.

Now, granted, it replaces my beloved West Indian curry place, but that's been gone for two years now and it's time to get over it, and what better way than with a nice plate of chicken massman curry?

So dear owners of Bangkok Cafe: Please hurry up and open already.


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shelley says (on January 8, 2005 11:58 PM):

Oh, sure. Once I leave the neighborhood, a Thai place moves in. There's no Thai food in East Boston ... if this new place is good, maybe you could ask the proprietors if they'd consider a satellite location on the other side of the tunnel. 'Cause no matter how much good Italian or Brazilia food i can get over here, sometimes only chicken masaman curry (or pad Thai or chili shrimp) will do the trick. Num.

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Scott Diamond says (on May 4, 2005 03:20 PM):

Bangkok Cafe is finally open! Wow... incredible food. Great atmosphere, nice staff. Try it!

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