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You don't have to be insane to have kids, but it helps


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Today was the semi-annual signup day for kids' programs at the Roche Community Center in West Roxbury. The doors opened at 9 a.m. Which means, of course, that people started lining up at 5 a.m. I was a slackard - I didn't get there until 7:30. The woman behind me was doing split duty - her husband was over in JP for the neighborhood soccer-league signup. Fortunately, it didn't start snowing until 8:55 - and a local city-council candidate and his crew kept walking up and down the line with Dunkin's coffee and donuts. And fortunately, both programs Greta wanted to get into were still open when I got to the signup table - a woman in front of me got shut out of both her preferred choices.

After a hot shower, I can now almost feel my toes again.


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