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What went down in Central Square last night?


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Gene reports and wonders:

Last night, coming home around 10:15 pm to Cambridge, we walked by a line of firetrucks or ambulences on Green St just south of Mass Ave in Central Square. About 5 blocks later, near our apartment, we came across a few stopped police cars, a private car with a plainsclothes policeman searching a jacket spread out on the car and the cars occupants sitting in the car with their hands up, and about 5 policemen searching the sidewalk and fence next to an apartment project. My partner thinks she may have seen a body or very large duffel bag on the sidewalk. ...

Meanwhile, one of the advantages of retirement is you can sit by the fire scanner and blog what you hear:

January 06 ... Orange line tunnel at Chinatown Station filled with unknown type of gas. Initially thought to be natural gas now believed to be sewer gas. Power on the Orange Line has been shut down in both directions. Gas leak location in the station undetermined at this time. MBTA plans on running trains through the station without stopping until gas has disipated. ...

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