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BB is reading Faithful on a Dallas-area train yesterday when he overhears two guys talking:

Guy #1: "We just found out that my wife is pregnant."

Guy #2: "Hey, that's great. Congratulations."

Guy #1: "Thanks. She's due in July. That would make conception time right around game 7."

That would be game 7 of the epic Sox/Yankees series, of course:

Guy #1: "We find out next week whether it'll be a girl or a shortstop."

Guy #2 laughs.

Guy #1: "I told my wife we could name it Manny"

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Jody says (on January 6, 2005 02:23 PM):

My friends in California just found out their 2nd is going to be a boy. I provided them with a list of Sox-appropriate boy names, including Big Papi. This is payback for them nicknaming my kid Mookie (for Wilson) the first two years of his life.)

It's only fair.

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