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Ryan listens to that NPR piece about Boston English and finds himself recalling how he turns his accent on and off:

... But I can't figure out why anyone thinks a Boston accent is "cute", or God forbid, "sexy." But I've heard women unironically say both of these things over the years. The NPR piece has this bit about how our stubborn refusal to pronounce 1/8th of the alphabet translates into a fierce regional pride, but I just think we're generally too drunk to get all those pesky letters out of our mouth. It's just easier to ignore them. I know that when I visit my folks, the accent slips right back into my mouth. I have to fight it. It's like a reformed junkie visiting his friends back in the crack den twice a month. It's really easy to fall back into old habits. But I'm with my folks, I'm generally relaxed, want to take it easy, and all of a sudden, my propah accent's a gonah. ...

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