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The Incognito Breeder tells a tale of feeling like 30-something going on 14 when she tries to get somebody to go with her to a concert:

... Oh, Christ, now SuperHotGuy: Interactive Designer thinks I was trying to ask him out, Cookie Mom probably thinks I have some kind of PTO-Mom-Crush on her, I still don't have anyone to go to the show with, and I think I'm getting a zit.

Jody, meanwhile, hits 40 soon and feels like doing something all adult - like a complete change of livelihood:

... I've become obsessed with a complete career change that would involve me opening my own store. I mean, that's not a small decision, and it may or may not happen, but still, when you find yourself mentally sketching out a business plan, that has to mean something? It also seems pretty daunting to me, so maybe that's why some people are cut out for owning a store and some aren't? But all these people who open stores...they didn't have to start with tons of cash, did they? ...

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