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Now how long before you stop writing "2004" on checks (hmm, does anybody use those anymore)?

Tim and Lisa have a couple of friends over for a traditional Italian-sausage meal:

... Interestingly, Lisa had trouble communicating with our normally simpatico Abruzzese butcher to get the cotechino. They went back and forth for three or four different dialect variations until they settled on cotechini - which I suppose is just a plural, after all. But it didn't resemble what we remembered - the sausages were much smaller, while we remembered great big 2-inch-diameter sausages. I think what we had had before was zampone, which is the same filling in a larger skin. It was delicious anyway.

Jeff has fun watching Three Stooges movies and the Times Square ball dropping on TV with his son, then wakes up to find out his son's fish marked the new year by dying.

Brian and clan end the day with some candelpin bowling:

... While we were at the bowling alley, we closed on our home equity loan refinance over the phone; I can only imagine what the woman on the other end must have been thinking as she listened to the sounds of dozens of small children bowling. ...

Peter posts a ton of Dec. 31 and First Night photos.

Jon reports on a First Night kinda day:

My wife and I started out at the noon showing of the comic short films at the MFA, which were excellent. We then trolleyed in to observe the quickly melting ice carving in process, dined on Newbury Street, Caught some very good performances at the Hynes, joined the procession following the Grand Prcoession, watched the awsome kid's fireworks from 7:15-7:30, caught some good bluegrass at St. Paul's, some classical at 1st&2nd Church, then trolleyed home in time for a really hot bath before midnight. Happy New Year, Everyone!

Ned explains why he doesn't like New Year's and resolutions and all that.

Ned should meet up with Ezra, who proclaimed last night Another Disappointing New Years Eve:

... At least I didn't let myself get my hopes up. I pretty much knew it would suck. And it did. Mission accomplished. Thank God the holiday season is over. I just have to make it past Valentines day, and I will be in the clear for a while.

Sushiesque describes the aftermath of a bloody nose at Kenmore a couple minutes after midnight and wonders about the lost satin slipper spotted on a Chinese-takeout run in Somerville.

Michelle offers up the broke girl's guide to a funky New Year's outfit for under $10.

Fondofelves wakes up without a hangover despite six candy-cane drinks and assorted other liquored-up potions.

Molly and eeka spend the night at home:

Molly and I were feeling a bit under the weather last night, and I think she is coming down with SARS, so we ended up staying home, and we spent last night sitting on our asses in front of the TV channel surfing trying unsuccessfully to find the least-scary New Year's Eve broadcast.

As the seconds tick down, Michael files his last blog entry of 2004:

... Any blog posting dated during the graveyard shift on New Year's Eve is testimony to either a wholehearted embrace of the Art and Craft of Blogging or to a complete lack of social life. Or maybe both. As the clock creeps towards 2005, Norma Yvonne is sound asleep in the other room, and No. 2 son has gone to a Rock Rave in some industrial space in Somerville, celebrating the fact that he finally landed a job (more on that later), leaving us alone at the keyboard. ...

Kathleen posts buh-bye 2004 at 11:59 and it's gonna be a happy New Year at 12:01.

Martial offers hope:

... May your New Year be filled with love and joy. May it bring hope and a helping hand to the suffering. And may this New Year be one of peace.

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Kathleen says (on January 1, 2005 12:33 PM):

It still counts event hough they were auto posts, right? Happy New Year!

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adamg says (on January 1, 2005 12:45 PM):

Oh, you kids with your newfangled technology! :-)Happy New Year's to you, too!

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shelley says (on January 1, 2005 02:33 PM):

The questions isn't so much "how long before [I] stop writing '2004' on checks" but rather, how long before I *forget* to make a point of remembering to write '2005'.

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