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The new year


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Andreas details his resolutions, including more trips to the gym and stopping smoking.

Ryan also lists his resolutions - also including no more butts.

Jeff looks back at his 2004 resolutions - including the ones he didn't do - before listing this year's.

Dan recalls New Year's of decades past:

... 1970s:
I remember lots of snacks -- that was the focus. Ring Dings, Twinkies, Yankee Doodles, Drakes cupcakes. ...

Colleen considers the moment in time:

... For better or for worse, 2004 is done!

And I can't help but think, especially with all the sad news of the devastation of the Tsunami, that those of us that are blessed to be alive and able at this moment in time truly have a gift: the gift of being alive in this moment. What will we do with it? ...

Jo gets ready:

... This morning I was up bright and early and have already baked a Cranberry Egg Nog tart with bourbon, made the salmon and cucumber rolls and after I shower in a few minutes it's back into the kitchen to prep the Cauliflower, leek and gruyere gratin, get the Yorkshire pudding ingredients to room temperature and prepare the monster of a prime rib. ...

Peter hopes newfound Sox fans suddenly on the Sox bandwagon can contain themselves as the Old Towne Team repeats in 2005:

Well, being a Sox fan in 2005 will be a challenge. Because the bandwagon is packed like an outbound greenline car in Park Street Station at 5:03 pm. And half the riders probably don't even know what stop to get off at for Fenway Park.

Shellim lists 10 things she's thankful for


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