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Lis puts it in perspective by comparing the size of some American cities to the death toll:

Greater than the population of Somerville. Completely wiped out. Words fail me.

Ethan: The experience people are through there is like nothing we could ever understand.

Jen points to some sites with relief info and adds:

It also wouldn't be a bad idea to spend a little time praying for all those affected, either. I can't even imagine the solace needed by those left behind.

Andy and LearningTimes open a disaster relief community space:

This virtual community can be used for posting online resources, documents, news, and articles about tsunami relief efforts. Users also may take advantage of the site's Web bulletin board and post their own blog entries. For the time being the space will focus on tsunami-related relief efforts; in the long haul we hope the space can be used for discussing the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in emergency preparedness and disaster relief. ...

Betsy notes this is a Swedish disaster as well as an Asian one.

David compares the total amount pledged by the Bush administration for relief with the amount spent on the Iraq war in just a few hours:

... In light of the fact that the nation hardest hit by the tsunami, Indonesia, also happens to be the largest Islamic democracy in the world, I can't help thinking that the Bush Administration's seeming inability to grasp the big picture means we have lost a golden opportunity to win the hearts and minds of the Islamic world through a little bit of that compassionate conservatism that we've heard so much about but don't seem to practice. ...

Beth hopes the disaster will lead to a tsunami warning system:

... If only the power of communication that is exhibited in the response to the disaster, with cell phones, text messaging and impromptu web sites to spread news and help the survivors communicate with their families, could have been harnessed in the short time between the earthquake and the gathering waves. ...

Domenico says Planned Parenthood will use the disaster as an opportunity to help abort babies:

... I will confidently predict right now that even as Corporate America is gearing up to provide relief aid to Asia - Abbott Labs is sending $2 million worth of antibiotics, Coca Cola is providing free bottled water, and so on - Planned Parenthood will send abortion kits. I'm not kidding. I haven't heard this yet, but that is their standard response to humanitarian disasters: People are in dire straits and the first thing they think of is to kill their babies. They did it in Afghanistan, they did it in Bosnia, they'll do it in Asia.

Organizations providing disaster relief.


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Lis Riba says (on December 30, 2004 11:45 PM):

Two things:
First of all, I made the Somerville comment when the death toll was 80,000. Now that it's over 100,000, we're talking greater than the population of Cambridge.

Second, if you want to link directly to my post, it's

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