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Snow fight!


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So I come back from a week in the heartland to find a foot of snow on the ground and Southie in open revolt over what the Globe calls parking markers (so that's what the kids are calling it these days).

I just loved today's story in the Globe. All of a sudden it's 1974 again and poor, poor Southie is under attack by the elitists who hate them. You've got Jimmy Kelly vowing war (or at least, a big shopping spree at the local hardware store) and Southie residents vowing revenge and complaining that the mayor just doesn't understand them because he's from, God, Hyde Park (memo to Southie residents: Try driving into Hyde Park some day, if you can find it at all, given that it's so far away from Broadway, and you'll no doubt be shocked to see that people there mark their spaces as ferociously as you do).

But my absolute favorite part of the story was the guys threatening to use old refrigerators and stoves to mark their territory. Why not just mark their spaces with cars? At least those are easy to move.

Wicked Good Conference fray on hizzona's get-tough policy, stupid suburbs and everything else you'd want in a good snow-parking debate.

Snow chairs - Photos from Roslindale during last year's first big storm.


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Dimmy Karras says (on December 30, 2004 11:02 PM):

I just hope no one gets killed over this, jeez.

Generally, my view is that no one has a right to any particular public parking spot, even if you happened to be the one who shoveled the snow out of it. If having a parking spot is that important to you, you should pay for one or live somewhere with guaranteed parking.

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garym says (on January 1, 2005 11:00 AM):

A few days ago I spotted snow chairs in Somerville.

It's funny that no one dares implement the obvious solution: let people lease parking spaces. But that would "favor the rich," so instead people have to fight it out over the spaces.

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