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Snowed in


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Smeg reports:

... The snow didn't stop all night, and the car was under a couple of feet of snow. It's a losing battle, unfortunately ... fortunately there are several friendly neighbours with snow blowers, so I've come in to get warm and showered and will wait to see if they clear a path for me. If so, we'll have a go at getting to work ...

Erika is upset that Mother Nature chose to dump all that snow while she's on vacation from teaching:

... Do you have any idea how painful it is to watch the morning news and see schools scrolling across the bottom, knowing I won't see mine there like I've longed to see because, oh yeah, I'M ON VACATION? ...

Beth has no idea whether or not Malden is under snow emergency and, if so, what to do about it:

... By ten at night, the snow is still falling steadily, and no one with free space in their driveway is even home. I leave my Subaru on the street, and sleep only fitfully, waking up every few hours to peer out the window and make sure it hasn't been towed.

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