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Last weekend, Greta and I went out in search of a present for her mom. I suggested perfume. "Oh, no, daddy, we can't get that!" Why not? "Because Santa is going to bring it; I heard her ask him for it." So I went out to the Dedham Mall tonight while she was busy with other things. Some notes:

There is just something fundamentally weird about last-minute Xmas shopping during a torrential downpour - especially when the temperature is above 60.

That Dutch traffic engineer who takes traffic signals out in the belief this makes for calmer driving should be forced to spend a year tied to a pole at a four-way-stop intersection in Massachusetts, like the one at the Dedham Mall. Nobody goes, because nobody knows who has the right of way. Then, after five seconds of growing impatience, everybody goes all at once. And promptly creates instant gridlock. Finally, somebody just gets too impatient and slams on the horn and the gas at the same time and makes a break for it. Repeat ad infinitum (or, at least, until the mall closes).

Either BFI forgot to pick up the trash along Washington Street in West Roxbury today, or the people and businesses along the road were wicked impatient to get their trash out for a pickup tomorrow. Either way, high winds created a nice obstacle course of overstuffed garbage bags all along the road up until the Dedham line.


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