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Tonight: The feats of strength


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Jody holds her own personal Festivus airing of grievances today.

Neal reads in the local Burlington paper how a mother called the police when the mall Santa frightened her daughter.

Cynthia reports some Harvard Square carolers:

were especially moving set against the backdrop of enormous Bank of America banner ads. They even stood partially atop the giant BofA floor covering for added effect.

Brian explains why he didn't send out Christmas cards this year.

Dave explains why he is giving his babysitter cash instead of a present this year.

Bri wishes the 99.99% of Americans who can't carry a tune would stop singing Christmas songs.

Dave apparently had to spend a full day at the office today:

It's a terrible day in the office chair
A bothersome day in the office
Would you shut up?
Could you shut up?
It's so irritating to have a neighbor
Just like you
It's a mind-numbing feeling to be in a cubiclehood with you ...

Maybe he should listen to Lisa reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to her son.

Chris shows off his blogvent calendar.


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