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Marilora reports from Boston's extra-crispy zone, i.e. the East Boston waterfront, where she lives:

... No wonder my rent is so reasonable. I'm really glad that the Department of Energy released this report. Do you think that they published a how to manual for the terrorists and some accompanying schematics for the attack? Geez, why don't they just provide the explosive, too.

Marilora must be one of those pluckie townies and Eastie folks the Globe wrote about today:

Grappling with the fact that an LNG explosion could incinerate them in an instant, residents of East Boston and Charlestown are battling back with characteristic grit.

Because I just can't picture JP or Rozzie residents reacting to imminent death with characteristic grit. Aplomb, maybe, or even insouciance, but grit?


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shelley in eastie says (on December 22, 2004 10:48 PM):

Geez, dude, you're really bringin' me down. I'm new to the neighborhood ... and now I'm about to get incinerated? This was NOT mentioned in my (very reasonable) lease.

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kellen says (on December 23, 2004 09:28 AM):

you know, if we think like this, it means (in the words of our illustrious leader post-9-11) that we are letting the terrorists win.

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