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The prodigal daughter returns


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Luvabeans returns to Boston for Christmas. She remembers some of her old haunts, has lunch with our own Shelley and tries to be nice to a guy in a Santa suit handing out cell-phone fliers in the snow on Newbury Street:

...Goddamn, but it was cold out yesterday, so on my way out of a certain bookshop/café, I picked up a hot chocolate for the guy. He looked really confused when I handed it to him, and, while he thanked me, I noticed that it would be impossible for him to imbibe anything without first removing his stupid beard. So, whatever, it's the thought that counts, but there you have a perfect example of someone's altruism being more self-serving than beneficial. That realization made me laugh, thus making the whole act of me buying Santa a cocoa even more self-serving. ...

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