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Silver Line: Brand new and already sucking


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Michael disses the T's newest bus line:

A .75 mile journey which should have taken no longer than 7 minutes took close to 30. When I arrived at the platform there were three buses stalled but going in the opposite direction. Another bus was on our side but just barely outside the station. Nothing moved for ten minutes. As the crowd on my platform grew larger and crankier, a woman with a walkie-talkie mumbled something about the ramps coming into the station being slick with ice and they were waiting for a sander. The four Commuting Alert LED screens in the station flashed merrily that everything was on schedule. 10 minutes later, despite the fact that no sander had arrived, she waved the three buses on the opposite side through and the same with the one on our side - it went straight through and didn't stop. ...

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