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Paul think it's time for stores to implement intelligence tests for people who want to use the self-checkout lanes:

Over the past year, we have insistuted self-checkout lanes for the public use. As you may have noticed, this policy has led to disaster. A recently study of 107 stores in major urban areas showed that self-checkout kiosks require an average of 251 interventions a day by management and staff. This was not what we had in mind! ...

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dave says (on December 19, 2004 06:13 PM):

Maybe that's because of the piss-poor implementation most stores have? Things not registering that they are on the belt, alchohol which requires an ID, hell, even Xenadrine requires an ID check. If you're not fast enough bagging items, they back up causing you to stop scanning in order to bag up what you've already got waiting...

These self-service lanes take inherently longer (one person doing all the work) and at least the ones I've seen and used to date, have the worst actual implementation I could envision.

How about an intelligence test for designers of these? My above-average IQ seems to be lacking.

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heather says (on December 19, 2004 08:40 PM):

I think it's amusing when an older person who clearly doesn't do modern technology gets in line and then requests you help. Since they really aren't good with these new fangled sorts of things they ask you for help and you basically end up doing it all for them.

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