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Lisa remembers her dad, who died three years ago:

... I still think about him all the time, but I'm happiest thinking about him when I go to Circuit City, because it's like we're still enjoying all the cool stuff together. I'll never walk alone, at least not in a computer superstore. I wish he was still around so I could give him a mince-pie shaped USB drive in his Christmas stocking. ...

Stephen gets in the spirit:

I feel a little not unlike Santa Claus today, as I have spent a good deal of my early afternoon re-delivering seasonal mail that had been incorrectly delivered to my house by the postal service.

Mike's company party is at Mistral: should check this place out if you come across a billion dollars and are looking for some good food.

One thing Bri is not looking forward to as he gets back into the regular work world is silly holiday traditions:

The last time I participated in Secret Santa, my person received a note that said:

Our boss is nailing the chick in Marketing with the fake knockers.

Bri, meet Chris, who made out like a bandit in his office Yankee swap. Kristin gets a Scooby Doo Shaggy Chia Pet. Megan gets a boatload of stuff in Secret Santa - and a prize for guessing her Secret Santa.

Kate dishes on her Christmas menu:

... assorted snackies before; a Waldorf salad variant, since I don't eat mayonnaise; a 12-blade crown roast of pork, duly ordered, stuffed with; stuffing with ground pork and dried apples, drizzled with; hard cider gravy; scalloped potatoes; red cabbage with apples and bacon; carrots/green beans in butter sauce; homemade dinner rolls; a dark stout gingerbread for dessert, plus assorted cookies. ...

Andy has a Proustian moment:

Back home again, with my hands smelling pleasantly like tree sap and gingerbread. The tree smell is because I went out tonight and bought my Mom and Dad their Christmas tree, which is something I've been doing for several years, now. The gingerbread one is because there was a Dunkin' Donuts next to the tree lot and I spotted a sign that read "Gingerbread Donuts: for a Limited Time Only." I checked my watch: it was about 7:52 PM. How could I be absolutely sure that the offer wasn't scheduled to expire at 8? So I ran straight into the franchise, dragging Mom and Dad's tree behind me, scattering needles and toddlers across the tiled floor as I leapt to the counter and bought out their entire stock. ...

Mr. Crunchy wonders, why just celebrate Christmas:

Maybe I just like parties. The more the merrier. Celebrate it all. Put a creche, a menorah, and a Festivus pole in front of Town Hall. Put a float in the Christmas parade with Jesus spinning draydels with Santa to see who gets to go first in the Airing of Grievances. It's all good.

Kellen sees Santa near the East Boston police station:

he had the white fluffy ringlet and receding hairline. he had the white curling beard. and i looked, it was a real beard. he even had a red flannel shirt. but there were no reindeer by his side.

santa drives a green geo metro.

Peter notices that radio ads featuring Santa always have one of two kinds of Santa:

... Jolly Old Santa is your basic, cheerful sounding "Ho, ho, ho!" The type of guy who you would certainly want to be bringing you presents in the middle of the night. His voice is warm and friendly sounding. The other type, Demonic Santa, sounds like Jolly Old Santa taken a bit too far. He has the low, rumbling voice, but it also sounds like it's been lowered a few octaves, run through a reverb effect, and has a faintly maniacal edge to it. The kind of Santa who you'd rather not have consuming your milk and cookies as he brings fire and brimstone to put in your stockings in the night.

The Incognito Breeder reports December harriedness:

I barely manage my day-to-day responsibilities in August, by December I'm Rumsfeld and my life is Iraq. ...

Blogorelli's Christmas list has just one item on it this year.

Andrew is amazed by all the lit-up houses in the 'burbs:

It really looks like people should be dancing in the street and perhaps throwing beads.

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