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Give her a state where men are men


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Lindsay likes 'em for their fashion tips and abilities on the dance floor, but reports she and her friend have serious concerns about all the metrosexuals in Boston:

... Cheryl is disgusted by the metrosexuality she has found in the dating scene of Boston. Being from Texas, a land where men run wild, Cheryl continues her hard-worked search for a man who wears cowboy boots, the cowboy hat, and drives that big truck, which ain't compensating for anything. I'd settle for the boys in T-shirts and ripped jeans who found fun in pulling pranks in the neighborhood and kidnapping me for a sledding trip on the golf course. (With out saying, it should be assumed that the T-shirts should NOT be fitted, and the jeans should not be ripped in that girly "trendy" sort of way.) ...

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