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David says he enjoyed the cold-induced lack of aggressive panhandlers today:

... Maybe living in the city for 5 years has chipped away at my empathy to the point where I no longer feel sorry for people who are passed out in the street, covered in their own pee. Maybe it's because that person is sometimes me. But guilt-trip myself as I might, I can't deny how noticeable and lovely the lack of a vagrant presence was this morning. No one held the door for me on my way into the Dunks, I didn't have to brave the park bench gauntlet past the Park Street T-Station and Krazy Kris Kristofferson and Slow-Motion Man were nowhere to be found. ...

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garym says (on December 16, 2004 08:33 AM):

Harvard Square hasn't shown much of a decline in professional bums yet. At the rate at which they find suckers, though, I expect some of them will be taking off for Florida next week.

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