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Is Bank of America about to lose another customer?


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Bri is standing across the street from the former Fleet Bank office at 100 Federal St., trying to take a photo when a Bank of America security guard rushes over to demand he stop:

... I commended him for his diligence but informed him politely of how wrong he happened to be. He told me that was not the case and said that he had the police called on many other folks who were doing the same. The implication that I was doing something wrong offended me greatly. He even asked me to provide identification - which I did not.

According to US Law, as long as I am located in a public space (sidewalk, street, park), I am allowed to photograph anything visible to me. ...

Ed. note: Same thing happened to me this past May outside the old Salada Tea building on Stuart Street. Because, you know, photos of carvings of tea-bearing elephants in the wrong hands ...


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