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Gothamist, which is sort of a New York version of Boston Common - well, if Boston Common were hipper and edgier and re-wrote a lot of Herald stories - has been busy spawning all sorts of "ist" sites in other cities. Next up: Boston?

Jake Dobkin one of the people behind Gothamist, scouted out our fair Hub this week:

I was up in Boston for 36 hours doing some interviews and meeting with people for a possible Bostonist site. I was staying in Cambridge, so I spent some time around Harvard Square and the Harvard Yard. The school grounds feel very New England- sparse and imposing. Compared to the Columbia campus, Harvard always feels dark and deserted to me. The next morning, after the interview, I tried to do some sightseeing, but it was pouring rain and 35 degrees outside. I cut that short, and instead took the Green Line trolly (trolly = bus + 1/2 train) down to the Museum of Fine Arts.

He also posts some photos of Harvard and the Charles at night.

Via Sara.


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Saraji says (on December 12, 2004 10:44 PM):

Adam --

I was a daily reader of Gothamist when I lived there (and I still read it every week or so), but... aren't you "our" Bostonist? Perhaps Bostonish will be next? Then Bawker?

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jake says (on December 13, 2004 12:40 PM):

w00t! projection for 2005: beantown blogging explosion.

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