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The sincerest form of flattery?


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There are some things I'm good at. Web design is not one of them. So it's kind of, um, interesting - yeah, that's the word - to see this site (geez, lookit the dates on this page, now come back here and look how I do dates here). It's a lot less interesting - annoying, even - to see that he's still using my ad calls and RSS and CSS files (yeah, I know, I can block those in .htaccess; I'm a softie, I asked him to change that before I cut off his access). It's pretty funny that his resume claims experience in "website, logo and graphic designs." Dude: If you really had experience in Web design, the last thing you'd want to do is a) rip off somebody else's work and b) rip off someone else's work that is spectacular in its mediocrity.


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