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His very own cyberstalker


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Bryan Adams reports that having the same name as a one-hit-wonder singer is not all fun and games

She attacks with multiple emails every night, coming from multiple IP addresses and bearing multiple return email addresses. Some of the emails ask me if I will sing something for her at my show, some of them are these long explanations about how she was almost raped, some of them tell me to pray to some wacked-out saint, and most of them implore me to write her back, which I never do. She even signed off with "FUCK YOU" on a couple of them. And she continues to leave comments on the blog, and although I delete them and ban the originating IP, she comes back in different forms, always bearing the name "M." ...

And wait until you see the reaction he got when he asked The Powers that Be at MIT (where he's a grad student) for help.


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