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Stony Brook in winter

Stony Brook Reservation is an amazing thing - an actual forest within Boston's city limits. Its trails will bring you past rocky outcroppings and valleys carved by glaciers, a large pond and, of course, zillions of trees. There's something particularly serene about walking on the trails during a snowstorm.

A baby pine gets covered by snow:

Stony Brook offers quite an education in the power of glaciers to carve landscapes:

As you might expect, Stony Brook is the main waterway through the reservation, but there are other, smaller streams:

On a walk through fresh snow, I spotted the tracks of a small animal (A fox? That would be cool). But aside from a man walking a dog, the only creature I saw was this spider, incongruously making its way across some fresh February snow:

There's always something to see:

Stony Brook Reservation - Information on the park from the state Deparment of Conservation and Recreation.


Thanks so much for reminding me of a TREASURE, right in my own backyard. I appreciate the commentary & pictures.
Have a great Season !

James on April 15, 2005 12:43 PM.

nice picture. i grew up playing in those woods. they are truly a treasure. it would be nice if the parking lots off the turtel pond prkwy could be reopened, but reguardless it still a treasure to behold. little tid bit of info on the turtel pond prkwy, it was designed by famed land scape arcitect fredrick law olmsteads son and is considered one of the most senic prkwts in the country.when you enter it off of washington stree in westroxbury you are way above sea level but as you travel threw the heart of stoney brook reservation you are constantly decending until you come out far below sea level.excuss me for not remmebering the actual numbers. also the road was built around the natural obstructions leaving the surounding reservation un scaved. nice work thanks for the site.

mike mouradian on August 28, 2005 09:04 PM.

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