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Sprague Street Bridge

Sometime this summer, the Sprague Street Bridge in Hyde Park's Readville section gets torn down to be replaced (over a two-year period). The bridge, which crosses some train tracks, is just too old and out of shape, apparently, to warrant repair. It's a shame because it's a throwback to an earlier era, as well as visually fascinating, full of interesting and weird angles - some of which, from the right vista, make the whole thing look like it's about to tumble down:

Looking up through the top of the bridge:

Lots of cables:

Joints and lights:

Looking out over one of the train lines the bridge crosses:

OK, go down below the bridge and look up and you get the feeling MassHighway might be right about replacing the bridge:

The spur lines under the bridge lead into what's basically a hazardous waste site - as well as a neighborhood dumping ground:

To get there: You can take the Franklin line to Readville. The bridge is a short walk up a hill from the station. By car, take Hyde Park Avenue south until you get to the Readville train stations. Find a spot in the parking lot and walk up to the bridge.



Bridge demolition put off a year
By Kit Kadlec / Daily News Staff
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DEDHAM -- The Massachusetts Highway Department said yesterday its demolition and reconstruction of the Sprague Street bridge won't likely start until spring 2006, putting off for a time worries of business owners who fear the project could shut them down...

Dave on May 25, 2005 10:51 AM.

nice photos of the bridge. i think its sad to take down the bridge becuse as i understand it it one of only a hand full of that truss design left in the country. i read some where tat it was built shortly after the turn of the centry.and having grown up near it i can tell you it has seen it fair share of use. i can remmember back in the 80's a dump truck fully loaded almost went right threw it. the weight of the truck caused a large pot hole to open up . the driver jumped from his cab and ran for his life.sad as it is ti see it go i think its time. thanks for the wonderful photos ,keep up the good work i love this sit.

mike mouradian on August 28, 2005 08:50 PM.

It's still there.

Dave on December 17, 2005 06:09 PM.

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