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Red Sox victory parade

Boston's waited 86 years for something like this. On Saturday, Oct. 30, the Red Sox rolled through Fenway, the Back Bay and downtown in Duck Boats to celebrate their 2004 World Series win. WOO! David Ortiz (above) just couldn't stop smiling.

We watched the Sox go by in Copley Square. There were zillions of other fans, in all shapes and sizes:

As the Sox got closer, the bells in Old South Church began pealing. You could hear screaming fans from down Boylston in a sort of gathering wave until finally you were enveloped in this giant wall of sound as everybody just pretty much went berserk cheering on Our Boys.

Of course, what would the ultimate Sox victory be without some digs at that team from New York?

Normally, the weather beacon atop the old Hancock Building is either red or blue. Since Wednesday, it's flashed red AND blue to signify the end of the curse.

The Sons of Sam Horn represent:

Some fans were more creative than others in finding places to watch the team go by:

As Wally waved, we knew the parade was over - at least for us:

It was incredible to be with all of these people in a good mood. Down at Back Bay Station, people cheered as the inbound Orange Line train came in. When's the last time you saw something like that?


it was nice to see that the true fans of the sox behaved themselves for the most part and that everything went smoothly except for the person who beemed padro what were you thinking . next years parade will be even better go sox

cb on November 2, 2004 07:43 AM.

would loved to have been their

sandra maguire on November 3, 2004 08:39 AM.

So thrilling for this 4th generation Red Sox fan now living in Wash DC!! My (also former Bostonian )husband and I were glued to the TV for every game!

joni cohen on November 11, 2004 09:40 AM.

My son and I are from East Bridgewater. We took a bus from Brockton at 5:20 a.m. then caught the "T" from Ashmont. We arrived at Tremont St. at about 6:15 a.m. I must say that standing in the cold spitting rain for more than 5 hours was definitely worth it. (we were in the FRONT row) By the time the parade reached us I was not looking my best. I remember looking up at Mike Timlin and just said "thank you", He smiled and nodded in recognition. In just those few minutes that the parade passed I was so happy to be there cheering on the Team that I watched faithfully all season. Thanks Red Sox for making that day one I will never forget.

lisa avery on November 11, 2004 06:19 PM.

Thanks for the photos. I watched every game, cheering with my faithful students as THE SOX triumphed.

OkieFan on November 17, 2004 12:31 PM.

I LOVE THE RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexa on June 2, 2005 07:01 PM.

Manny Ramirez ma babay!!!!!!!!!

kim on July 13, 2005 07:20 PM.

hii everyone i love david ortizsooo much and i want to meet him sooooooooooooooooooo bad that it hurts well....if david ortiz is reading this then email me plzz =)


melissa on July 25, 2005 12:50 PM.

we can do it again redsoxs i am very proud to be born in the greast city i know beantown (boston mass.)

bobby j on July 2, 2006 03:30 PM.

when the duck boats went by everyone started to run towards them and pedro pointed at me and said come on and i said me and he said yea u. i chased the boat the whole parade but never got on the boat:(
kara briana

kara briana on October 29, 2007 11:54 AM.

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