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Little Dig

Quick: Name a public-works project to replace a hideous green elevated structure downtown with a tunnel. Well, sure, there's the Big Dig. But in the summer of 2004, the MBTA began dismantling the Green Line elevated that runs past North Station with a 300-foot long tunnel. So here's to the old el!

The photo above shows the elevated heading south toward Haymarket, just past the North Station curve, where the tracks come closest to the old Central Artery. What you're actually looking at is a temporary structure designed to hold both the trolley tracks and, above it, the southbound I-93 Haymarket ramp.

The view toward the Charles:

Heading to Lechmere:

Get me outta heah!

Waiting for an inbound trolleys:

You ever get the feeling the T stopped maintaining the station years ago? What's left of the paint is peeling and there are TREES growing out of the station - which still has various bits and pieces left over from when the Orange Line was also an elevated (it was torn down in 1975).


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