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J.P. World's Fair

The annual Jamaica Plain World's Fair in Hyde/Jackson Square is an amazing, fun thing - a chance to get a taste of cultures from all over the place. Above, three graces at a Puerto Rican food stand.

A popular place mid-afternoon was the karoake area, where people belted out everything from love songs to the theme from "Underdog:"

There were also a couple of stages for live music:

As a Rozzie kinda guy, I admit I was startled by the number of white women in dreadlocks; that's just not something you tend to see south of the Arboretum:

What would a street fair be without lots to eat and drink? Just for Indian food, you had your choice of three booths:

And, of course, there's always stuff to buy at a fair, such as bobbing-head turtles and dolls from Cuba:

But possibly one of the best parts of any fair is just watching all the people go by:


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