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Centre Street, West Roxbury

You see all kinds driving down Centre Street in West Roxbury. Take the guy above, who was somehow managing to keep his car going straight as he held one dog with one hand and kept his other hand on the wheel despite the fact that the other dog seemed to want to jump out.

I saw them around 8 a.m. one fall Saturday. And what was I doing on Centre Street on such an ungodly hour? I was in line to sign Greta up for Peewee Drama classes at the Roche Community Center. The twice-yearly Signup Day at the center is when parents all over West Roxbury and Roslindale set their alarm clocks for some ridiculous time to get their kids into a program. Registration officially starts at 9 a.m., but people start lining up before 6 a.m. (seasoned signup veterans know to bring a foldup chair):

Mission accomplished! It was a nice day, so I took a walk down Centre. You can always tell when it's campaign season by the human billboards standing at the entrance to the Roche Bros. parking lot:

The Boston Transportation Department has the finest handcrafted signal-box covers in the world:

In late summer 2004, the city began rebuilding Centre Street sidewalks and curbs. The project has caused some grumbling among storeowners, like Vango Vango, the owner of Salon Vango, who says customers can't get to their shops (OK, I admit it, I included that fact simply so I could type "Vango Vango"):

A light fixture outside West, which is attempting to bring haute cuisine to Centre Street:

Trompe l'oeil at the liquor store:

Remembering the good old days, on the side of the West Roxbury Pub:

Who ARE these guys, standing next to the scene above:

Does anybody actually drink Tab anymore? Steve Slyne's Deli must still be selling it:

Pretty please, with cherries on top, at Hanley's Bakery:

Theodore Parker, one of the leading lights of Unitarianism, sternly gazes at people passing by his eponymous church (which has a number of Tiffany stained-glass windows):

Artwork at the West Roxbury Pharmacy:

Possibly the most interesting thing about the West Roxbury fire station is the weird tower behind it - it's the remains of a 1960's MIT radio-wave experiment that nobody remembered to take down:

All routes lead to Forest Hills:

I'd just gotten past the public library when, whoa, there's Tom Menino. So I did what anybody else would do: I went up to him, shook his hand and asked what he was doing there. He was there to get his picture taken for the West Roxbury Bulletin along with other folks who planted a tree in memory of Paul McLaughlin, a Suffolk County prosecutor from West Roxbury who was assasinated in 1995. Before the ceremony, Menino noticed trash in the grass and bushes in front of the library and started picking it up:

Menino tells McLaughlin stories (the guy in the suit is City Councillor John Tobin):

Also see: Flying Death's Heads - at Centre Street's Westerly Burial Ground.


I just took a quick look at my old church's website (www.rolcboston.org). Behold there was a link to West Roxbury, which is were we last lived when we were in Boston (100 Maplewood Street). I was reminiscing a bit - We really miss Boston. We now live in Central Florida. WOW it was so good to see the pictures..... No place like Boston. Defintely.

Martha Martin on November 3, 2005 07:42 PM.

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Indifying on October 2, 2008 11:26 PM.

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