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Aug. 22, 2004 - Today was a perfect day for hanging out in Harvard Square: After several days of unrelenting humidity, it was cool and dry. And it was a Sunday, so the square was full of street performers.

The woman above stood seven or eight feet high, next to the information kiosk in the center of the square. She'd stand frozen, like a mannequin, until somebody put some money in her basket. Then she'd break out into an aria for a minute or so. At one point, a freak with a cellphone walked by: "Oh, there's some freak standing on a box singing," he exclaimed.

Across from Wordsworth, Nostrildamus tried to get little kids to sing and dance with him:

Murray the Chessmaster is one of Harvard Square's institutions. The guy playing him took his defeat in good cheer.

A green-faced kid joins in a jam session in the Pit:

Don't run with scissors and don't juggle upside down with knives - unless you're a trained professional:


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