Boston Cityviews

Photographed by Adam Gaffin

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Downtown details

Along the water

Take a stroll along Fort Point Channel and the harbor on a late spring day.
Big Dig

May 10, 2004 - With the old Central Artery now coming down rapidly, one wonders: Do they have to take all of it away? Some of the remaining pieces have a majestic grandeur.
Boston Harbor

Put on your windbreaker and jump aboard for an online cruise around Boston Harbor.
Boston Marathon

Watching the race go by in Washington Square in Brookline.
Boylston Street

Newbury Street gets all the attention, but walk down Boylston Street and you'll see all sorts of interesting things.

It was a perfect day for hanging out in Harvard Square: After several days of unrelenting humidity, it was cool and dry. And it was a Sunday, so the square was full of street performers.
Centre Street, West Roxbury

A Saturday stroll down West Roxbury's main shopping street.
Classic buildings

Some buildings just define Boston, from colonial masterpieces, such as the Old State House, to more recent structures, such as the Hancock. Here are their photos
Dedham Fair

Twice a year, the parking lot by the old Levitz in Dedham becomes a carnival. Plenty of rides: Upside down, 20 feet up: Lots of interesting faces painted on the sides of rides: Getting hungry? Lull in the action...
Downtown details

One of the cool things about living in a city where many buildings are older than even your parents is the amazing display of artwork built right into the structures. The old adage "they don't make 'em like they...
Ducklings Parade

Every Mother's Day, scores of kids dressed as ducks waddle, walk and get pushed from the Common up through Beacon Hill and down to the Public Garden ...
Flying death's heads

The Westerly Burial Ground offers a rare glimpse of West Roxbury's long history - it opened in 1683; the last burial was in an old family plot in 1945.
Franklin Park Zoo

One would never mistake the Franklin Park Zoo for the Bronx, San Diego or Atlanta zoos. It's much smaller and, in some ways, sadder than its counterparts elsewhere (and now has to make do on far less, thanks to...
Frog Pond

The Frog Pond on the Common is a great place for hot kids (and adults) in the summer: Strip down, jump in and stand under the fountain at one end of this large wading pool. Ahhh!
Grand Procession 2003

The Grand Procession is always a highlight of First Night - a parade of giant stick figures, dragons and people on unicycles down Boylston Street.
Harvard Square

It's not just that it's surrounded by the historic buildings of Harvard University. Or that it has more book stores per square block than any other place in America. ...

Like crows squawking at each other, the pair of neighboring Haymarket vendors endlessly repeat their duet as they try to draw in customers. Buck a box of what? Dollar a pound for what? Doesn't really matter. ...
Hemlock Gorge

It's where the Charles River has its steepest drop and where you can, they say, hear your voice come back to you 15 times.
Hyde Park Avenue, part 1

Drive down Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park and Readville for a look back at Boston's industrial past.
J.P. World's Fair

The annual Jamaica Plain World's Fair in Hyde/Jackson Square is an amazing, fun thing - a chance to get a taste of cultures from all over the place.
Little Dig

Name a public-works project to replace a hideous green elevated structure downtown with a tunnel. Well, sure there's the Big Dig. But in the summer of 2004, the MBTA began dismantling the Green Line elevated in front of North Station. Take a last look at the old el.

As everybody knows, Boston's most important product - even more so than Cheers t-shirts - is lobster! So it's no surprise that roughly one out of every two items for sale in Quincy Market has a lobster theme. Herewith...

Why do some developers want to turn Boston into Houston-by-the Sea?
Mother Brook

Thousands of people every day drive past the small turnoff on the former Rte. 1 in Dedham without realizing the historic nature of the site: the start of the Mother Brook, the oldest canal in what is now the United States.
Muddy River

"River" is perhaps too grandiloquent a word for the Muddy River - a collection of brooks, ponds and culverts that runs 3.5 miles from near Jamaica Pond to the Charles River and which serves as the Boston/Brookline line. Still...
Neponset River trip

Tim has a couple of kayaks and we took them out on the upper Neponset River to explore this quiet waterway that forms one of Boston's borders. We started at Paul's Bridge, a 19th-century stone span at the Readville/Milton...
Newbury Street flourishes

Sure, you walk down Newbury Street and you're supposed to look in the windows of all the boutiques. But look up and you'll see a vista of surprising details where you often don't expect them.
North End

The North End is the most European of Boston's neighborhoods. Experience some of its charms.
On top of the world

A trip to the top of Bellevue Hill, the highest point in the city of Boston.
Patriots Day in Concord

It was a great morning for a battle - even if the outcome has been preordained for the past 231 years: The colonists advanced. The British fired. The colonists fired back. And the British beat a hasty, disorderly retreat...
Quincy Market

Visit Boston's largest tourist attraction, just a short walk from the North End. And say hello to a mime or two.
Red Sox victory parade

Boston's waited 86 years for something like this. On Saturday, Oct. 30, the Red Sox rolled through Fenway, the Back Bay and downtown in Duck Boats to celebrate their 2004 World Series win. WOO! David Ortiz (above) just couldn't...
Revere Beach in late winter

We were in Everett Sunday for a birthday party one February day. But it was so nice that afterwards we drove over to Revere Beach
Snow chairs

In many Boston neighborhoods, it's a rite of winter: When the first flakes start to fall, out come the crates, the garbage cans, the sawhorses and the chairs, chairs, chairs ...
Sprague Street Bridge

If you want to see this interesting old bridge in Readville, you should hurry, because it gets torn down this summer.
Spring flower show

Two sure signs of impending spring in Boston: The Red Sox start spring training and the New England Spring Flower Show opens at the Bayside Expo Center. At $20 a head (plus $12 for parking), the flower show is...
Stony Brook in winter

Stony Brook Reservation is an amazing thing - an actual forest within Boston's city limits. Its trails will bring you past rocky outcroppings and valleys carved by glaciers, a large pond and, of course, zillions of trees. There's something...
The Blizzard of '05

Pow, right in the kisser! That was some storm, but at least the snow was light and fluffy - so shoveling wasn't too bad.
The Custom House

The Custom House as seen from in front of City Hall and other locations.
Tiffany windows

The Theodore Parker Church on Centre Street has several stained-glass windows created by Tiffany.
Truman Highway pedestrian bridge

There's more than meets the eye to this pedestrian bridge over the train tracks that run along Truman Highway in Hyde Park.
Urban ghosts

Boston is full of ghosts, reminders of the city's past that often go completely unnnoticed - unless you take the time to look. Take the photo above, showing the outline of a building that no longer exists on Oxford...