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Timothy Leary's office

6 Prescott St., Harvard Square

In 1960, Timothy Leary came to Harvard to teach psychotherapy. Not long after, he began his experiments with psilocybin and LSD (bonus fun fact: Among his early test participants: inmates at MCI-Concord, who took psilocybin under his watch).

His office was in the Dept. of Social Relation's Center for Personality Research in Morton Prince Hall, a house built in the 1840s and named for a professor of abnormal psychology at Harvard Medical School. Now, when Leary was at Harvard, the house was located at 5 Divinity Ave., behind the Busch-Reisenger Museum. In 1977, however, the college moved the building to its present location to make way for a new biochemistry building. Today's it's home to the freshman dean.

More info:

The Man Who Turned on the World: The Harvard Happenings - Way more than you might want to know about Leary at Harvard.



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