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27 Myrtle St., Medford

If moths

Call him the Dr. Frankenstein of the icky bug set. E. Leopold Trouvelot, a French immigrant who settled in Medford, is the man who introduced gypsy moths to America. Trouvelot, an artist with an interest in entomology, decided to see if he could breed gypsy moths, native to Europe, to produce silk. So on a trip to France in the 1860s, he collected a bunch of the larvae and brought them back to his Myrtle Street home, where he began raising them on some trees in his backyard.

The caterpillars followed their natural instincts: They turned into moths and flew away. With no native enemies, they thrived, turning into a leaf-munching pestilence that plagues us to this day. Trouvelot moved back to France in 1882 - the same year Myrtle Street had its first serious gypsy moth infestation (it's not known if the two events are related).

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